domingo, 22 de maio de 2016

Easy AdWords Bidding Strategies for PPC Newbies & Math Haters
Easy AdWords Bidding 
Tips for Newbies & Math Haters
I’ve always struggled with math. In fact, when choosing where to go to college, the key attribute I was looking for was not the school with the best party scene or the nicest campus. Instead, I hunted for a school that didn’t have a mathematics course requirement. 
When I started working in paid search, I was forced to end my strike against all math-related activities. I’d incorrectly assumed that online marketing was all about creative. Man, was I wrong. Between bidding and budget allocation, I found myself doing more math than I’d ever anticipated.

If you, too, fall into the anti-math camp, you’ll likely find that setting and adjusting bids is the biggest challenge you’ll face when running your AdWords account. Over time, you’ll develop your own, more sophisticated bidding procedures, but I recommend kicking things off with these super-simple, go-to tips…
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